A Short Video on Empathetic Evolution



For folks wanting to watch a video on understanding evolutionary empathy, go to THIS LINK.  It’s a reproduction of my WSU TEDx talk that explains how we manage the complexity crisis through empathy.  Do remember that I am a mechanical/aerospace professor — so the example is one from aerospace!  But one with larger dimensions and implications — ranging from an explanation of Needham’s Dilemma — why China fell so far behind the West in technology, to how W. Edwards Deming flipped the social structure of Japan, and helped create the modern-day company that we know as Toyota.

I’ll be posting some other videos “soon” as my wife is after me to make more podcasts and such.  I do know that some of my text can be a little tough, and I’m hoping my explanations are more helpful.  But hey — it beats being told that one psychology experiment leads to some universal truth.  You want comprehensive understanding– well, it takes a little work!

2 thoughts on “A Short Video on Empathetic Evolution

  1. I watched the video and read the blurbs on empathy. Well done! Empathy is oxygen for the soul – so if one is feeling short of breath due to stress, then just maybe one needs expanded empathy. Get some here!


    1. Hope you have fun exploring, Lou — nice to have someone as distinguished as yourself reviewing my work. There are some very interesting things that have potential for real revolution in perception of how we create and understand knowledge from Conway’s Law and my extension that I’m calling the Intermediate Corollary. Let me know what you don’t like as well — I work, to some degree, in a bubble, and am looking for a broader community. Plenty of experience and heuristics — this stuff doesn’t come from nowhere, but in need of discussion and review.


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