Quickie Post — All this Stuff I Write About, Applied to Football, by Jake Leachman

Football Homecoming

Homecoming Parade, University of Idaho — accompanies one of the big football games of the year.  2011 (I think!)

One of my best buddies when it comes to scheming stuff up, and out, is Jake Leachman, Assistant Professor in the School of MME, where I work.  Jake’s a thermodynamicist, specializing in the development of the Hydrogen Economy.  His blog, hydrogen.wsu.edu, is somewhere in between a public consumption blog, and one where he communicates with his students taking his various classes, which are often applications of design methodology.  I love teaching with Jake, for multiple reasons.  First off, he’s creative.  And second off, he understands all my babble.  Which is saying something!  He’s also been critical in my evolution of the direction and purpose of empathetic connection.  As he’s fond of saying, you don’t have much choice but to obey the laws of Thermodynamics — even if you’re talking about social structures.  Because they’re the Law!!

Jake is also an ex-football player for the University of Idaho, the campus next door.  He recently started applying Spiral Dynamics to football organizational structures.  That’s American football.  I wish I knew enough about football to understand everything in this piece, but for those that love the game, this may be a pathway for understanding the rest of what I write about.  There’s some questions I have for my good friend, though, and I’m going to lean on him to write about how Legalistic v-Meme rules can prevent Communitarian v-Meme development.  But for now, you can read his analysis here.  Good fun!

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