Quickie Post — Research on Diversity Validates What I Said Earlier

A Moving Sound 7

Avant garde music band from Taiwan, ‘A Moving Sound’ at the Jones Theatre in Daggy Hall, Washington State University

Though I’d argue that my views on diversity are just common sense– that we are engaged neurally by diversity much more than the idea of different experiences allows — is out of the mainstream, it’s nice to see some formal research validation.  You can check out this op-ed in the New York Times which basically offers a simplistic view of what my empathetic theory predicts.

And here’s my original post, which basically argues that empathetic development is increased with diversity because we can’t just assume that others think like us — we’re confronted with physical and potentially cognitive differences that drive our rational empathetic development.  Which in turn stretches those brain muscles…

As J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan once said, “Oh, the cleverness of me!”  😉



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