Quickie Post — From Friend Ugo Bardi

Ghillie, looking very much like the Northumberland Border Collie that was his sire

Super-Quickie post — I’m friends with Ugo Bardi, recently emeritus professor from the University of Florence, Italy. Like me, Ugo is fascinated by long-form history, holobionts, and larger transparadigmatic connections. Ugo is crazy-prolific — a real rock star. One of these days we might write a book together. He just finished editing a compilation noting the anniversary of one of the first systems thinking books — Limits to Growth, called LTG II. I contributed a chapter on multi-perspectival thinking.

Ugo’s comment on my last blog post on Dune, jet engines and psychopaths —

“The Dune characters are Medieval minds operating in a high-tech environment. Exactly as our leaders today.”

Boy, does that make sense. If you don’t believe, watch any House or Senate hearing on technology. It will blow your mind.

You might also check out Ugo’s many blogs. Here’s one.

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