A Few Probabilistic Odds and Ends

bradenowlA few of the problems with writing about anything in the realm of social physics are what scientists might label ‘quantum effects’.  First off, there is a fundamental probabilistic nature to any theory — humans being a diverse lot and all.  For example, one of the things I’ll write about is my experience in China.  But while it is possible to write relatively concise things about how large hunks of the population in China think, it is much more difficult to write about a specific individual.  Here’s a short preview statement — ‘the One Child policy and its empathetic implications will fundamentally change Chinese society.  As people shift from dominant family structures to individual friendships, the way the entire society processes information will change.’

At the same time, large forces will often guide the path in life of an individual, and give you a good handle on why an individual person in a certain generation does what they do.

The other huge problem is that people will structure their view on how all this is written dependent on their own level of psycho-social development.  Stuff that will seem outrageous to some will make perfect sense to others.  Things like egocentric projection come into play, as well as personal experience, which doesn’t always mean egocentric projection, but can.  Like the old wave/particle duality thing, as you view this stuff, it will change.  And then you will change.  Sooner or later, you get to the truth that you can get to.  Maybe.

At some level, it’s supposed to be brain candy — the chewy kind.  You have to nosh on it a while.  Sooner or later, you get to the truth that you can get to.  Maybe.  As for me, I’m still chewing.  Delicious!

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