Shorty Post — The Value of an Individual in a True Communitarian Setting — Rising Tide Carwash and ASD employees

Just a quick post — not everyone’s story has a happy ending, but there’s no question that with data-driven, adaptive thinking that shows up at the higher v-Memes, there are simply more of these possible.

Rising Tide Carwash was started by a father of a child on the autism spectrum, in part to give his 24 year old son a life outside of a room in the house.  There is a lot more that goes into making a successful business than just a feel-good perspective, and I personally shy away from any idea of a quick fix.  But the fact that SOME young people are out of their rooms that have autism is good enough for an announcement on my blog.  See:

The data-driven mind, well-scaffolded, has access to many solutions.  Let’s all keep evolving!

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