Quickie Funny Post for the Day — Five Minute Psychotherapy

mexico city zocalo clown

Dancing with a Clown, on the Zocalo, Mexico City

One of the challenging and frustrating things is life is when you have a friend who can’t figure out how to fix their life all the while they’re participating in self-destructive behaviors that keep them there.  I know that I’ve frustrated my own friends in this fashion — so I hope this gives them a chuckle as well.  Bottom line?  Establish an appropriate level of emotional empathy.  Then play the Authoritarian v-Meme card.  If that doesn’t work, go Full Survival Mode!  Bob Newhart at his best…


Takeaway Worth Contemplating — Why does this skit work?  Brilliant acting, as well as resonant temporal and spatial representation of the various v-Memes.  Best portrayal of an shortened Authoritarian time scale that you’re likely to get.  🙂

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