Donald Trump and Modern Authoritarian Systems


Just get on the bus — Museum of Modern Art, New York City, 2017

There’s so much to unpack on modern authoritarianism.  I’m listing a couple of links below that may help you understand some of the larger dynamics.  Since the demand has been so high for understanding them, I’ve made a podcast that integrates many of these ideas that I’ve discussed earlier.  As usual, I don’t dwell so much on particular issues, but work on understanding the larger social dynamics and information flow that underlay how these systems operate.

Go here —


And here are some links:

What To Do (or Meta-Do) About Trump

David Byrne, Nokia, and how Self-Referential Systems are Doomed for Collapse

New Year’s Reflection — Dunning-Kruger and Confirmation Bias

Quickie Post — Bill Nye, and The Perils of Responding to High Conflict Systems

Introducing The Dark Side — What Happens with a Lack of Empathy?

Mapping Rogers’ Theory of Diffusion of Innovations to Empathetic Development


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