Quickie Post — The Silk Road

Cordoba ArchInside the Mezquita, the Mosque-converted-to-Cathedral, Cordoba, Spain, 2008

Every now and then, I see a video that is both beautiful, and reminds me that the brain/mind is capable of such a broad expanse of interpretation, that my mind reels.  The video below is one of those pieces of media.  See:

One of the points I’ve made on this blog is that the mind is capable of many interpretations, and that is this video’s strong point.  The idea of one reality, though one may exist and may be validated, is still illusory to most of our fellow travelers on this Blue Planet.  You, as a Western resident of a likely democratic, rational (or at least modestly so) republic, can project your beliefs and desires on the many beautiful people featured in this video.

But you would be mistaken, at least 50% of the time, on what they’re actually thinking.  There will be commonalities — but there will also be magical differences that are creations that only they have access to.  One of the interesting things, pertinent only in this small context, about the countries along this route is that they are the only countries in the world that actually do not read this blog.  None.  I’m up to around 30K hits, from literally everywhere on this planet, except the countries along this route.

But you can still enjoy, with fascination, the wonderful diversity of thought in this crazy world.  Namaste…  it’s still one of my life goals to do this trip.

Postscript:  For those that enjoy that kind of thing, my Taiwanese wife insists that I was once a trader on the Silk Road, and she was a small bird flying along beside me.  My current dog, Mac, was my camel.  And my deceased dachshund — well, she was my prostitute.  Who knows?  The various loyalties fall in line more than would make anyone comfortable.  🙂

And maybe, more than anything else, I find it useful to consider the fact that everything I write may be wrong.



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