Compendium of Past Posts — from 2018 – April 2020

Border Collie and Russian Wolfhound — the Great Game continues

Well, here you go! I’ll likely revisit this and edit some of the descriptions, but this isn’t a bad start. I graded all my COVID posts for your amusement. Some I got right. And some I sure didn’t!

Learning from Aztecs and Bon Vivants — Empathy in the Time of the Coronavirus

A look at the Aztecs, pandemics, and how trauma freezes societies and prevents new thinking.

Empathy in the Time of the Coronavirus — Circles of Rationality and Understanding Fear in America (VII)

All sorts of precariousness in society explored, and why people are reacting with such fear to COVID.  Dated, but still pretty good.

Quickie Post — Nuance in the Time of Coronavirus

Written at about the end of my period when I thought lockdowns would work and were a good idea.  This was a month into it – and nope, I didn’t get it all correct.  But history demands honesty.

Understanding the Dark Matter of the COVID-19 Pandemic — Why Detecting Asymptomatic Cases Matters

This piece was solid reasoning for the time – about asymptomatic spread.  But no one really investigated rates of asymptomatic -> asymptomatic, so we were left only with the fear component.  And we still have poor estimates of natural immunity.  I’d give this, in hindsight, a C+.

Empathy in the Time of Coronavirus — Rate Dynamics and the Maintenance of Health Care Workers (VI)

This piece looks at rate dynamics of COVID vs. other viruses, and how COVID got the jump on the health care profession.  History will likely show this piece as insightful for the containment stage of the pandemic (when it was written) but not good enough when COVID became widespread, and people started building immunity toward it without illness. B+

How We Know Masks Work – An Informatics Explainer

No apologies – good for the point in time it was written, but obviously incredibly wrong for the current level of knowledge.  As hard as it may be to believe, we were struggling to get anyone to wear a mask that wasn’t of Asian descent.  D+ for ignoring past research.

Empathy in the Time of the Coronavirus (V) — Watching the Authority-based Knowledge Structure at Work

Written in the context of the time, this one is still not bad – IF you change the circumstance regarding updating the knowledge used to make decisions.  OTOH – if I knew then what I know now.  B

Quickie Post — Why Trump Doesn’t Invoke the Defense Production Act as of Sunday AM

My criticisms of Trump hold up.  Even though he did turn out to be on the right side of the issue in hindsight.  B

Quickie Post — The DeepOS of the COVID-19 Epidemic – An Immunosuppressed Global Population

Nailed it.  I linked this early to our current dietary/obesity/metabolic syndrome crisis.  A

Empathy in the Time of Coronavirus (IV) — Understanding the Grim Statistics, and Root Cause of Hospital Failure

Still relevant and solid.  But here’s the other point – hospitals didn’t fail.  Some level of supply and demand, even in our messed up health care system, worked to create the right amount of capacity.  B+

Empathy in the Time of Coronavirus – Interlude (III)

A memory of a trip to tribal homelands in China.  Wonderful.  A

Empathy in the Time of Coronavirus (II) – What Societies are Capable of in Crisis

Deep-rooted value memes will dictate how societies react in crisis.  This piece is not nearly as hard on China and its chronic gaslighting of everyone else as it should be, but considering when it was written, it shows the power of understanding societal values as coordination mechanisms.  A-

Quickie Post — Why Guessing about Asymptomatic Coronavirus Cases is so Hard

Small post – I’d give it a ‘B’.

Empathy in the Time of Coronavirus – Part I

Solid – set my brain up correctly for good long-term analysis.  For its place in time, it gets an A-.

Quickie Post — Drugs, Enlightenment, and Nazis (Oh My!)

Written at the beginning of interest in psychedelics as treatment for trauma.  My thinking has evolved on this a bit – I can now see some mechanisms where psychedelics might really help reset folks who are messed up. But this piece is still solid.

Fanciful Flights for a Sunday Morning – Gene vs. Meme Wars and does the Universe have a sense of humor?

Solid piece on how information is coded in living beings.

Dreamland — A Quickie Review

A trip back to my hometown and the opioid crisis.

Quickie Post — Young Prodigies Usually Do Not Turn into Paradigm-Shifting Geniuses

Solid post that explores young genius and potential knowledge structures – and why there’s got to be more than chess.

Making Ethical AI and Avoiding the Paperclip Maximizer Problem

Great post (one of my best) on how we shouldn’t believe everything that low v-Meme researchers tell us about how AI works.

Why do The Gods only Talk to Some of Us?

A great post that develops the idea of knowledge complexity around two axes. I also introduce the idea of a ‘hierarchy of responsibility’ as opposed to a ‘hierarchy of status.’  

More Societal Implications of the Obesity Epidemic — Insulin Resistance, Epigenetic Preloading and Obesity Showing Up in Mortality Stats

More dietary insight on how what we eat is literally killing our kids.

Space Aliens or Killer AI Robots? Which ones are gonna get us?

Writing about aliens and killer AI robots is a good way to understand the development of knowledge complexity.  A good one.

Raising Kids — the Empathetic Basics — The First Rule – Pay Attention

Principles I’ve applied to raising both my own kids.

Raising Kids — the Empathetic Basics – Introduction

The beginning of writing about child development.

Turning Correlation into Causation – How Deeper Knowledge and Insight is Generated

This is a good one – showing how validity grounding, relational structures, and appropriate scaffolding of concepts and theories all matter in actually figuring out whether two data sets are connected.  This piece was the start of a lot of my thinking on closed and open systems.

Understanding College Students’ Mental Health — Dr. Gregg Henriques

Gregg is a great top-level thinker, and his Tree of Knowledge is accessible for those without any interest in memetics.

Understanding The Deep Value of Values

Explains how values create different social structures.  This is one of my most forwarded posts for people attempting to understand how values matter in terms of knowledge structure.

Quickie Post — Republicans and Trump’s Impeachment

Some insight into the impeachment process and why the Republican Senate lined up behind Trump.  A raw authoritarian move. 

Why Humans Aren’t Getting Climate Change — Part 2

In this piece, I’m starting to figure out why the media is so broken, and how ordinary folks actually do care about the climate crisis.

Insights on Knowledge Structures, Malcolm Gladwell, and 10K hours

Understanding exactly why Malcolm Gladwell says 10K hours to mastery, and what knowledge structure it applies to is what this post is about.  As well as attempting to re-explain all my other knowledge structure work, and why most larger hunks of knowledge can be reconstructed from a basis set of structures.

The Nordic Secret — Book Review

A book review on the history of Bildung written by two of my favorite people/philosophers.

The Nordic Ideology — Book Review

A more how-to applications manual for the philosophy of metamodernism.  Also written by two of my favorite people/philosophers.  I can’t wait to see what these two produce at the end of their careers.

Hong Kong and the Deep Memetic Evolution of Protest

Tearing apart the Performance v-Meme forms of protests against the CCP in Hong Kong.  Utterly fascinating to watch how all forms of human interaction can evolve.

Why Must Academia Evolve?

A piece exploring the MIT Media Lab/Jeffrey Epstein incident, and how we must evolve academia to keep this kind of thing from happening over and over.

Wicked Problems — Understanding how the Amazon is Burning, and How to Save It

Attempting to understand and contextualize the numerous environmental crises happening in the Amazon and adjacent river systems, and figuring out who exactly is really causing the damage.  A blend of dissection, as well as my own observations from visiting Brazil.

Evolution’s Path – Greater Complexity and Coherence

A good piece – one of my first attempts at writing about how coherence (and the downstream paradigm of inter-agent coordination) was developing in my brain.  Some good examples.

Stopping Dystopia in its Tracks through Empathy

A roadmap on how to create more folks who think evolutionary thoughts – which are desperately needed now.

Quickie Post — Winning the Internet on the Electric Twitter Machine

Some brief thoughts on joining Twitter, and how it matters.

Quickie Post — David Graeber’s ‘Bullshit Jobs’

A review of the book. The damning figure — likely 38% of all jobs are Bullshit Jobs.

The Long View of Empathetic Evolution — Athens and Sparta, and our Stakes Involved

Why does raising untraumatized kids matter?  We can look at history, and see who lasted over the long haul.

Improv. Comedy and Empathy — How do Strategies Map to the Empathy Pyramid?

Comedy is an empathy elevator, in more ways than are immediately obvious.  I explore these modalities in this piece.

More on Trauma, and How the Internet Concentrates Value Memes/Sets

Some solid thinking on differentiating psychosis from psychopathy, as well as how trauma keeps delivering relationally destructive outcomes.  

Seven Precepts of Empathy

How Do We Prepare for the Time when Rapid Change Happens?

My personal story of empathetic development, as well as how trauma has affected my own perspective.

Fun Post — Heuristic, Empathetic Thinking isn’t just a Human Thing

I love elephants.  And this is what this post is about.

Linking the Four Pillars of Brain, Empathy, Social Structure and Knowledge

After an awesome week of big-wave surfing with some of the best in the world, I wrote this explainer to show how the different headings of social/knowledge/empathy/neural wiring really are connected.

Leadership for Creativity Isn’t all Child’s Play

Tearing apart the various ‘experts’ that are quick to go to the “child’s play” model for where creativity comes from.  Hint – it’s more complex than being a kid.

Is Donald Trump a Manchurian Candidate?

How a relational disruptor became the head of the most powerful country on Earth.

Why Humans Aren’t Getting Climate Change

Understanding temporal and spatial scaling in the context of having a planetful of humans grasp the concepts, and consequences of global warming.

Quickie Post — The Netflix Success Strategy — Scaffolded Heuristics

A nice, short piece on Netflix’s personal development strategy and emotional intelligence.

Housekeeping on the Reader’s Guide

What is Structural Memetics? And Why Does it Matter?

A bedrock piece on my blog, actually written to explain to the author of Conway’s Law, Mel Conway, how different social structures and their empathy levels create knowledge.  A must-read.

Closing the Doors on Disruptive Innovation and Bacterial Parthenogenesis

A review of David Quammen’s excellent book, The Tangled Tree, and how bacteria have a lot to teach us about both evolution and information transfer.

What is a V-Meme? And Why does it Matter?

Another explanatory post on one of the most oft-asked questions I get – what is a v-Meme?

Creating a We for an Evolving World – Empathetic Leadership Book – Refactor – and the First of Two Introductory Posts

An intro to my empathetic leadership book, and a takedown of appealing, yet fundamentally authority-based thinking in the social sciences.  If more social scientists read this post, and actually understood the implications (that most stuff in the social sciences is essentially made up and primed for confirmation bias) we might be able to fix that 50% irreproducibility rate in their journal articles.

Quickie Super-Geek Post — Why Different Relationships have Meta-linear or Meta-nonlinear characteristics, and how we can always learn a little from single-celled organisms

A preceding post on bacteria, and closed and open systems of information 

Memes are Persistent — Covington Catholic High vs. the Hebrew Israelites

Short version – tribal memes are tough to beat. Even modern ones.

Tales from the South Pacific — Empathy and Integration Lessons from West Papua, Indonesia

A trip report from a 3 week journey to West Papua with my son, Braden.  West Papua is one of the most remote countries on Earth, and let’s just say the different v-Memes are alive and well.

Quickie Post — On the (Kinda) Lighter Side — Nina Hartley and Free Speech

Is it subject matter or is it v-Meme conflict?  A short post looking at Nina Hartley, porn star and free-speech advocate.

Understanding Long-Scale (Geologic Time) Evolution of Empathy

A dive into both how empathy developed, as well as how my thinking on empathy developed.

I’m Not the Only Person Interested in Conway’s Law

A quick look at Tomas Tunguz’ work on Conway’s Law and Microsoft

Quickie Post — What does being a full professor really mean?

A review of academia after Associate Professor Donna Strickland’s Nobel Prize award.  Good for those that really don’t understand the sausage factory that is academia.

Social Coherence and V-Memes

Walking up the v-Memes, and how different societies organize themselves.  This is a fundamental post, and if you understand this one, others will make far more sense.

Quickie Post — the Lighter Side of Authoritarianism, demonstrated by Goby Fish

Goby Fish spitting sand (the video got removed) and how even lower intelligence animals organize along principles in the Spiral.

Quickie Post — the Not-so-Hidden Cost of the Empathy-Disordered in Social Networks

Psychopaths – they can cost you.  The basics of gaslighting.  A short piece.

How Health Care Deprivation and the Consequences of Poor Diet is Feeding Contemporary Authoritarianism – The Trump ACA Debacle

Trump and Obamacare.  Oh boy.

More Empathy and Child-Rearing, with Some Help from Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka on balancing lying and world-creation with children.

Empathy and Child-Rearing — Lessons from my life, and the movie The Incredibles

A great post on virtual world creation, and avoiding narcissistic injury with your children.  Highly recommended – I send this one out a lot.

The Lighter Dark Side of Humor and Empathy — Anthony Jeselnik

Jeselnik is one of the edgiest comics out there.  Here’s a profile of how his humor works.

Contrasting a Model of Hierarchical Complexity with Evolution vs. Sophistication and Empathy

MHC is one of the fundamental advances in understanding knowledge complexity – and Michael Lamport Commons is a fan of my work (as I am of his.)  Here’s a start.

Quickie Post — The Silk Road

Down in the Tribal/Authoritarian space, things really are different.  A short post.

There are No Such Things as ‘Generations’ — or are there?

A review of how we evolve over the years.

The 36 Stratagems — or How Low Empathy is no Real Strategy in Today’s World

In case anyone wants to hold up China as leading the way to a more empathetic world – well, read this post.  And how things like the 36 Strategems are fundamentally antithetical to a just, complex world.

How Social Structure Arises from Empathy

A fundamental post on a question I get asked a lot.  Connectivity (simplex/duplex) and its degree arranges topology.  

Quickie Post — the Trans-Cultural Diabolical Power of Sugar

A review of an ad from Japan on sugar.

Finding a Cure for Cancer — or Why Physicists May Have the Upper Hand

Empiricism vs. a hunt for guiding principles.  The physicists have a huge head start when it comes to tool kit.

Quickie Post — Understanding the Dynamics of Cancer Requires a Social Structure that can Create Cellular Dynamics

A quick profile of one of my favorite diet folks – Dr. Jason Fung, and how most of the cancer (and nutrition) folks simply don’t have the social structure to figure out how cancer manifests.

Quickie Post — Just because the question of empathetic cetacean intelligence is really dead, doesn’t mean you can’t beat it…

Shorty post on pilot whales and other pod-functioning cetaceans.

Empathy, Longevity, and the Future of our Society

Why connection matters if you want to live a long time.  Kinda depressing in the middle of COVID..

Getting to Your Happy Place — Empathy, Design, Friendship, and Emojis

Animojis are cool.

Weight Loss by the v-Memes (V) – Cutting out Sugar — The Big Psycho-Social-Environmental Picture

Decision-Making in the New Year – Triple D-VRP

An attempt at making meaningful acronyms for my work.

Quickie Post — More Fun with Cetaceans and Humans

Quickie post on dolphins and humans hunting together.




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