A Compendium of Posts from the Last One and a Half Years

A sample of my #3 Plane Collection

I realized that I was actually forgetting I had written on a lot of subjects in the past year, and have created this page as a compendium of those posts — as well as a descriptor of what you might find if you read them.

The Catastrophic Consequences of Censorship and Narrowing the Memetic Narrative

A piece about the doctors working with Joe Biden, and how that maps to collapse of societies.

The Medical Literature, Memetic Cascades, and the Destruction of Real Science

Understanding how advanced search has biased research and suppressed alternate theories, even in medicine.

Kyle Rittenhouse, Empathy Loss and LARPing in Society

Understanding the disconnect between people’s projections of reality, and what happens when confronted with actual situations.

Masks and the Memetics of Knowledge Construction 

Understanding how masks map into simple knowledge structures, and that makes it possible for their rapid spread as an intervention.

Societal Attractors and Long Term Prosperity

A deep dive into potential social attractors and how the pandemic is driving outcomes.

Disqualifying Narratives and our Current Meta-Crisis

In-group/Out-group sorting because of simple narratives.

Quickie Post — Relational Abuse Dynamics and Getting Out of the Kimchee Hole

The dynamics of personal, and societal abuse relations.

Quickie Post — Universities and Elite Risk Minimization Memetic Cascades

What happens when elites congregate with people who are more elite?  More extreme cascade behavior.

Societal Narcissistic Inversion

What happens when an entire society is manipulated by narcissists to invert the parent-child relationship?

The Three Phases of Any Pandemic — Back to Basics

Containment, mitigation and endemicity are explained in the context of the pandemic.

Elite Risk Minimization and COVID — Empathy in the Time of Coronavirus (IX)

Why elites will allow others to suffer any inconvenience or pain in the context of reducing their COVID risk.

Information Fractalization and the Consequences to Society

How different viewpoints, combined with post-modernism, creates an atomic landscape of information that is almost impossible to make sense of.

Quickie Post — What does Endemic really mean?

A funny post about alligators, Florida, and endemicity.

The Structural Memetics of Masks

A detailed post about how masks have little to do with preventing viral spread, but lots to do with emergent behavior of social systems.

Back to Basics — Psychopaths in Relational Systems

Refresher on psychopaths and manipulation.

Quickie Post — Andrew Yang and the Re-ignition of Concerns for the Mentally Ill

Long-term dynamics of not taking care of our homeless people.

How do We Get Out of this Mess? (II) Complexity Development and Scaffolding Your Models

Why historical perspective is important in the light of modeling forecasts for COVID.

Quickie Post — Academia is Not Going to Lead Us Out of the Wilderness

How academia constantly gets empathy wrong – a short example.

Quickie Post – Dunning Kruger, Mental Model Weapons and V-Meme Amplification

Dunning-Kruger implications of the current COVID milieu.

The Endless Spin of the Dichotomous Society

A deep dive into how moderate voices get drowned out, or spun out, in our current high-conflict media environment.

How Do We Fix this Mess? (Part I)

How society is conspiring to pin the blame for the pandemic on the lowest status members – kids.

Quickie Post — Miasmas, Vampires and Memetic Persistence

Understanding how history can give us deep perspectives on destructive behavior through long-time mental models.

Quickie Post — Guilt vs. Shame

Societies and their organizational structures will dictate whether the citizens feel shame, or guilt.

Quickie Post — Buddhists and Vaccines in Bhutan

An example of correct v-Memetic framing for a vaccine campaign.

Default Modes and v-Memes

How relational modes translate to how we think.

Whack-A-Mole and our Theory of Empathetic Evolution

Fixing problems involves realizing their connectivity to other problems.

How Do We Know the Truth?

A long piece on truth and its complexity mapping to societal coordination.

The Relational Power of Uncles and Aunts

How recruiting mentors for our young people is one of the most valuable things we can do for their development.

The Great Filter and Development of Our Young People

Will our society survive long-term? Only if we develop our young people to manage complexity.

The Predictable Memetic Collapse of Contemporary Journalism

An explanation of the power dynamics in mainstream journalism.

Quickie Post — I’m Not the ONLY Scientist Worried about the Memetics of Scientific Social Structures

 A review of Avi Loeb’s (Chair of Astrophysics at Harvard) perspective on the decay and corruption in the scientific establishment.

Quickie Post — What Does the Funnel for Action Look Like?

How social networks move from just talking about affairs to actually doing something in the Real World.

Gamestop and the New Power Law Information Landscape

How the Gamestop stock run-up is another example of power law dynamics in our new information landscape.

Vaccines and the v-Memes

Examining how vaccines and their distribution map to different value sets.

The Memetics of Trump and the Patriot Movement

A long piece about self-organization and action over the Internet, and how that played out in the Jan. 6 riots.

A New Years Prayer for our Children

Discussing closed schools and their impacts on kids because of COVID.

Hillbilly Elegy and Transgenerational Trauma

A deconstruction of the movie, Hillbilly Elegy, and the metacognitive dynamics of rescue from dysfunctional families.

Politics and Empathy in the US – Post Election

Introducing Michael Lind’s work and how the Double Horseshoe accurately describes the memetic wars currently afoot.

Innumeracy and the Crisis in Memetic Understanding

Understanding how innumeracy is actually based on a lack of agency and empathy.

What’s the Bottom of the Knowledge Structure Stack Look Like? Dan Everett and the Pirahã

Mapping language structures of Amazon tribes as representations of temporal and spatial awareness.

Quickie Post — COVID’s potential to shove influenza to the side for this year

Viral displacement explained.

How Did We Get So Polarized? Memetic Power Law Dynamics

Introduction of how the Internet has dramatically altered the information landscape by creating statistically dependent distributions of opinions.

The Lords of Memetic War

How all the money we spend on political campaigns only further serves to divide us.

Boom Aero and the Memetic Promise of the Future

A hopeful example of positive synergy between science and engineering.

The Memetic Wars Have Truly Begun – Empathy in the Time of Coronavirus

The Great Barrington Declaration and attacks on its authors.

Quickie Post — Tim Ferriss and his Childhood Trauma Story

Tim Ferriss and his recent advocacy of psychedelics for fixing childhood trauma.

Quickie Post — Spool up the Hyperdrive re: Evolution

How different evolutionary paradigms map to empathetic development.

Quickie Post — COVID’s Balance between Seasonality and Sociality

Exploring how COVID spread balances between seasonality and sociality.

Back to Basics — Values Transfer into Intelligent Systems through Conway’s Law

How can we understand ourselves enough so that we transfer higher level values into our AI models.

The Social Dilemma – a Review

A review of the Netflix special on Facebook.

Quickie Post – Marketing vs. Sales

Looking at the difference between theory and praxis in persuading people to buy stuff.

Quickie Post — Julian Jaynes and the Development – and Regression — of Consciousness

Examining Julian Jaynes’ work in the context of psycho-social development of societies.

The Memetics of Conspiracies and Hanlon’s Razor

How explicit large-scale coordination occurs (or doesn’t) and how emergent dynamics play in seeing coordinated actions.

Quickie Post — The Guiding Principles of COVID boil down to one thing — Mucus

Understanding the role of mucus production in COVID symptom reduction and immunity.

The End of Pandemics, Or How Inherent Social Structure Governs Release of Populations

How pandemics end, and how social structure influences how long this takes.

Quickie Post — The Academic Argument for Morality Pills

Short piece on a “modest proposal” to give everyone a pill to make them “good”.

The Outlaw Ocean, Meatpacking Plants, and Modern-Day Slavery

A review of Ian Urbina’s work on high seas lawlessness, and how social systems drive this kind of behavior.

Science or Scientific Authority — Which do you choose?

A deep dive in the difference between believing in science, and actually practicing scientific thinking.

Sensemaking the U.S. COVID-19 Pandemic — Empathy in the Time of the Coronavirus (XI)

An early analysis of COVID spread.

Quickie Post – Information Density of the Biosphere – and What We’d Need to Create an Off-Planet Livable World

Thoughts on actually moving off the Earth in any meaningful way.

Quickie Post — Moore’s Law and Metalinearity

Moore’s law and disruptive innovation explained in the context of knowledge creation.

Interlude – Packing a Kitchen Box for Car Camping

Fun post on packing a kitchen box.

Believe Science? What Science Do You Want to Believe? Empathy in the Time of the Coronavirus (X)

Short- and long-term timescales in the creation of science.

Toxic Masculinity? The Saga of the Oil Platform Ursa

An exploration of current mental models on gender roles, lifted from my book.

Thoughts on the Current Crisis — How George Floyd’s Death Served as the Spark

On how our current ‘bubble creation’ is driving an inability to read and understand diverse constituencies in our society.

Ringing Global Society’s Bell — Potential Learnings from the COVID-19 Epidemic

Looking at societal resilience in the face of the COVID pandemic.

The Curious Case of the Fat Emperor — or How Not Understanding How to Merge Knowledge is Creating a Culture War

A profile of Ivor Cummins, one of the leading speakers regarding fixing nutrition in our society, as well as COVID amelioration.

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