Quickie Post – Marketing vs. Sales

Fall day in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness, Clearwater NF, Idaho

I’ve been a bit remiss in posting lately, but the squirrels have been super-busy in my head. I’ve been building a chest of drawers in my woodshop as part of a quarantine project, and have kind of been lazy about writing. I have a big post coming on what I call “validity grounding” — how people within the different v-Memes/value sets form the basis for coherent action, that answers major concerns about how we will have to develop people to coordinate as our world becomes more complex.

Here’s a still life from the woodshop.

Yet another set of dovetails for yet another drawer…

A question popped up on Twitter about why the subject of marketing was taught in colleges, but not sales. As one knows, it’s impossible to look at a single concept and pigeonhole it into a given value set. But the cursory answer is that marketing can be taught as a low-empathy science, with algorithmic techniques, whereas sales is heavily dependent on personal interaction — something that the academy does poorly at.

In response, Maggie 美智幸子@MaggieSachiKhoo replied with some doubt (that’s OK!) and linked this wonderful article which is essentially about growing empathy between sales and marketing — but could be used as a blueprint for merging any two areas. It’s pretty basic, but looking at my presumptions I’ve made with recent blog posts, I thought it might be nice to give a simple example that I found really resonant.

One more time — the article title is 10 Lessons from 10 years in marketing and 10 in sales by Nathan Skinner, a former VP for Salesforce. He covers almost the whole knowledge structure stack, from myths (customer stories) to shared goals, to rational empathy development, with great points about walking in others’ shoes.

2 thoughts on “Quickie Post – Marketing vs. Sales

  1. i think i was gneetically determined to be a businessman and marketer. I decided to make money yesterday–i needed 10$. i only got 5 but that was good enough—only job i really can easily do is ‘play music’ i had to compete with a well established jesus gospel band with all their equipment( i play acoustic) i asked them ikf they could play some ‘gospel gogo’ (XCB–see you tube–10 commandments band—they told me they dont play that style–homicidal jesus gogo) ). so i moved and got 3$ from police –i asked for 10. they told me to move for 3$. which i did –made 2 more elsewhere. .

    i been throught the bitteroots—there were so many trout in thaty area i couldnt believe it —and easy to catch–just throw em back. only trout eaiser to catch are the ‘arctic char—except you have to know where to go (in alaska) and be willing to walk like 30-40 miles. they fished all of em out in closer areas. i could get the biggest ine in2 seconds and all i had was a hook and a peace of fishig line. on east ‘coast’ appalcachisn–its harder to get these. i usually just ‘run them down’–i know where they leave.– but usually i let em go. you w0uld be amazed you’d find a 13-16 inch eastern brook trout in a very samll stream –you have to walk and find a big pool. i view these as my pets. i keep them outside.

    i notice michael levitt of stanford (a well respected community colege) had his predictions of COVID for israel confirmed–he predicted 10 mortalities–and its about 1700 now—so that is within a standard deviation or margin of error. i think he should get a 2nd nobel prize for empathy.


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