Housekeeping on the Reader’s Guide

Chiricahua NM, Arizona, March 2019

I’ve done a major overhaul on the Reader’s Guide, and unearthed many posts that were buried deep in the blog. There’s a lot of material here — and a lot that I thought was actually pretty good but had totally forgotten about.

I’m also working on some re-hashes of old posts to make them more read-able. I’ll likely do this over the next three months. So don’t all of the sudden expect the Squirrels in my head to vanish overnight.

I’ve also abandoned the idea that I’m going to actually rate and rank all the posts for readability. I may take this up in the future, but for the present, it’s not going to happen.

I did unearth a couple of posts I wrote a while back on Big Data that some of my collaborators might read. Here they are:

How Does Big Data Fit into the Scheme of Empathetic Evolution? Part 1

How Does Big Data Fit into the Scheme of Empathetic Evolution? Part 2

OK — onward!


3 thoughts on “Housekeeping on the Reader’s Guide

  1. I enjoy your blog as is. But it is good to seek improvement in one’s communication. Your dealing with a tough subject matter. There is only a small portion of the population that is both interested enough and familiar enough to fully follow some of your posts. That is fine. Those of us who do follow appreciate your efforts.

    It shouldn’t be too hard to write some pieces that are directed at a more general audience. In my own blog, I try to mix it up with a variety of posts. Still, many posts that I love to write apparently few if any love to read. I’ve come to realize my own sense of curiosity and fascination about the world is at times idiosyncratic or else obscure.


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